Which Betting Strategy leads to win situation in game?


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Hi, are there any strategies you need to make money in betting games? I look forward to your suggestions.

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    To have any chance of making a living from your betting then a very large betting bank would be required, to compensate the inevitable lengthy losing runs that all punters face at some time or other, and that is why only a very small percentage of gamblers can forget about the normal 9 to 5 day job.

    That said it doesn’t mean that you can’t stay ahead of the game if you work hard at it, discipline is essential first and foremost – whether your stakes are pennies , pounds or hundreds of pounds.

    Most of my bets throughout a year will be singles on horseracing, however the percentage of singles has come down significantly within the last couple of years from around 93% in 2015 to a mark of around 72% currently. A lot of this has been down to the difficulties in being able to successfully place my requested stakes at the prices that I had hoped to get on at. A situation not uncommon to a lot of gamblers these days.

    So where do an increasingly number of my bets go now?

    While the majority of my bets still remain on the sport of racing, more investments are being made on EW Doubles, or sometimes permed EW Trebles on races where punters can claim an advantage on the place markets.

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