Bwin Windows mobile Do they support mobile betting?


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Does Bwin support Windows Mobile mobile bets? Can sports bets support mobile bets? I’m looking for a positive answer.

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  1. Rolando

    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Sporting bet fully supports mobile betting, offering a variety of options for players who use various mobile devices. There are specialized mobile options for android users as well as those who have apple products like iPhone and iPad. There’s even a special version of the site ( that is specifically designed for use with the web browsers on touch screen devices, making betting easier than ever.

    All of these mobile versions of the sporting bet site allow you the full range of bets on sports and horse racing. You can check your account, review your bets in progress or place new bets with just a few clicks. An older version of the site is also available for those with more basic mobile devices that can’t handle what smartphones are designed to do.

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